Protect administers Australia's leading personal income protection insurance for workers



Protect administers Australia's leading range of personal income protection insurance policies for workers. The insurance policy schedules are held by the relevant union and are issued by ATC Insurance Solutions.

Protect income protection insurance is intended primarily to support workers facing the challenge of non-work related injury or illness.

Workplace injuries and illnesses are covered by your State Workers Compensation scheme, and as such no benefits are payable by Protect's insurers (except in the event of death or total disablement or if workplace accident top-up benefits are payable).

How to make an insurance claim

Protect’s insurers, ATC Insurance Solutions, take the stress out of making a claim by providing a dedicated and experienced claims team who will manage your claim from start to finish.

For Protect insurance claim forms (including Protect Extra Cover claims) and information on how to complete the claim form, please follow this link to
ATC Insurance Solutions

There are four different claim forms, depending on your insurance cover, and type of claim being made:
  • Injury and Illness
  • Accidental Dental Injury
  • AMWU Injury (non-dental)
  • AMWU Accidental Dental Injury
With the right claim form, completing your claim is simply a matter of following the steps below.

Five easy steps to completing your Protect insurance claim form
1) You fully complete Section A of the claim form, (including either the Injury statement or the Sickness statement if you are making an Injury (non-dental) or Sickness claim)

2a) Your medical practitioner fully completes Section B of the Injury/Illness claim form


2b) Your dentist completes Section B of the claim form (Note: dental invoices are not payable by the insurer; only a lump sum benefit will be paid – refer dental injury benefits.)

3) Your employer fully completes Section C of the Injury/Illness claim form (this is not required for Accidental Dental Injury claims)

4) If you went to hospital following an injury, attach a copy of the hospital admission notes. If you have a broken bone, attach a copy of your radiology report.

5) Check all questions have been answered and each section has been signed and dated.

Once completed, send your claim form to:
ATC Insurance Solutions
Level 4, 451 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

You should retain a copy of the completed claim form and attachment for your records.

Insurance benefits payments will be delayed if the insurer needs to return the claim form to you because it is incomplete.

If you need assistance completing the claim form, contact ATC Insurance Solutions on (free call) 1800 994 694.

Extra claims support

Union members can contact the Protect Field Team or union office for information on income protection insurance benefits, exclusions and limitations, or for assistance in completing a Protect insurance claim form.

ETU Victoria
(03) 8329 0000

MUA Western Australia
(08) 9335 0500

MUA Victoria
(03) 9329 5477

UFU Victoria
(03) 9419 8811

AMWU Victoria
(03) 9230 5700

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I get sick or injured?
If you become sick or injured while a Protect worker, you may be eligible to make an income protection insurance claim.

Please refer to the relevant income protection insurance brochures in the
Publications section of this website for more information about the range of benefits available for Protect workers.

How do I check if my employer is paying income protection insurance premiums on my behalf?
Claims for Protect income protection insurance cannot be accepted unless your employer is required to pay premiums for such insurance on your behalf, and is up to date with such payments.

If your employer is no contributing, you are not covered. Login to your online account at any time to check if your insurance contributions are up to date.

Am I still insured if I take authorised unpaid leave?
If you are on authorised unpaid leave, your Protect insurance cover will continue for the first 28 days of your leave. As of day 29, you will no longer be insured by Protect.

Your employer is required to pay Protect insurance premiums only for the first 28 days of your authorised unpaid leave. Protect insurance premium contributions will cease to be payable beyond 28 days of unpaid leave.