Jobland is the only online job board that directly brings Protect workers and employers together in your industry



Jobland puts Protect workers and employers in direct contact for recruitment activities, via a reliable and trustworthy online platform. This free service aims to save significant time by targeting your specific industry.

Jobland allows employers to:
  • Create a profile outlining your company and its core competencies
  • Create, upload, and manage numerous job advertisements
  • Browse the pool of experienced, skilled, and active 'jobseekers' within your industry to fill vacancies

Jobland allows workers to:
  • Create a profile outlining your skills, experience and availability
  • Search and apply for jobs directly with Protect employers
  • Create and post a resume and cover letter targeted directly to Protect employers in your industry

These capabilities give employers and workers the opportunity to seamlessly match the qualifications and experience to the advertised job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access Jobland?
Jobland is available to all Protect employers and workers, in all industries, right around Australia.

How do I access Jobland?
Jobland can be accessed by clicking on the Jobland logo on the home page of this website.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Jobland is a free service for all Protect employers and workers.

How do I recruit only the most suitable workers?
Jobland is structured so that you can target only those workers in your industry with the qualifications and experience to meet your needs.

How often are jobs advertised?
Jobs are regularly advertised, however in some cases employers search the pool of jobseekers and contact workers directly based on their skills and qualifications, thus eliminating the need for an ad. Because of this, we recommend workers set up their Jobland profiles, along with a relevant resume and cover letter.