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Hardship payment application

Special access to withdraw your own severance funds due to COVID-19

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To help counter the financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, Protect has been granted approval by the Tax Office to make a hardship payment (stand down payment) from the severance account balance of some workers who have been stood down but remain employed. Where a worker is terminated and is unemployed, a termination or redundancy payment would apply.

Payments will be deducted from your severance account balance and rely on you having sufficient funds in your account.

1. How do I qualify?

To be eligible, workers must:

  1. Have a Protect severance account with sufficient funds
  2. Have been stood down by a Protect contributing employer without pay, but remain employed
  3. Not be relying on other forms of payment (annual leave or long service leave)

2 How much money can I access?

An ATO ruling has allowed Protect to provide:

  • Up to two payments of up to $2,000 each, with five weeks between payments.

Payments are subject to 32% tax. Therefore, if you claim $2,000 from your Protect account as a hardship payment, the maximum you will receive in your bank account is $1,360 due to tax.

3. How do I apply?

Members will need to complete the hardship payment application form available on this page. Please note that none of the personal information submitted on the application form is stored on this website.

  • Claims will be processed in three days

After processing you will receive a 'claim completed' confirmation email which will be sent to the email address you enter on the application form.

4. Making a second hardship application

If you remain employed and stood down without pay for 5 weeks, you may apply for a second hardship payment of up to $2,000. Please wait for the 5 week period to lapse before applying again. Unfortunately, any applications submitted before the 5 weeks is up will be rejected by our system as we cannot accept predictions relating to employment status.

Hardship payment FAQs

You are still eligible if you receive jobkeeper payments

If you are still employed and only receiving the fortnightly $1,500 jobkeeper government subsidy from your employer with no other top up, you would be eligible to make a hardship payment claim through Protect because you are not receiving any other top up payments from your employer.

Employer benefits in addition to jobkeeper make you ineligible

If you are still employed and receiving the fortnightly $1,500 jobkeeper payment from your employer in addition to them topping up your salary, you would not be eligible to make a hardship claim through Protect.

Hardship claims are not payable if you are receiving other benefits from your employer such as salary top up, annual leave, sick leave or long service leave from schemes such as Coinvest.

Yes, taxed at 32%

Tax rates are set by the Australian Taxation Office. The only claims that are paid with a tax free component are those due to genuine redundanacy.

Because of the 32% tax, the maximum you would receive in your bank account from a $2,000 hardship payment request is $1,360.

  • $2,000 claim - 32% tax ($640) = $1,360
  • $1,500 claim - 32% tax ($480) = $1,020
  • $1,000 claim - 32% tax ($320) = $680
  • $500 claim - 32% tax ($160) = $340


The hardship payment is payable from your severance account. If you have a nil balance you will not be eligible.

You can claim any amount up to $2,000

Eligible employed members can make two applications to withdraw funds as hardship payments if they're stood down due to COVID-19. You may withdraw up to $2,000 each time with five weeks between claims.

Example 1 - $10,000 balance

A member with a significant balance may make a hardship payment application for the maximum amount possible of $2,000. If after five weeks (35 days) they remain eligible because they are still employed, stood down and not receiving other forms of payment by their employer (excluding jobkeeper payments), they may apply for a second hardship payment.

Example 2 - $2,000 balance

An eligible member with a severance balance of $2,000 may make one hardship payment application. However, they would not have sufficient funds in their account to apply for a second payment.

Example 3 - $500 balance

Hardship payments can be made up to $2,000. Therefore an eligible member with a balance of $500 may make a hardship payment application for $500.  

No difference

A Protect hardship payment has been promoted by some as a 'stand down' payment due to the fact that some members may become eligible once they are stood down without pay by their employer due to COVID-19.

Unemployed workers may claim termination or redundancy

Protect hardship payments have been granted by the Australian Taxation Office for employed workers to gain access to their severance account, in an effort to counter financial hardship caused by COVID-19. Where a worker is terminated and is unemployed, a termination or redundancy payment would apply.

For information on making a termination or redundancy claim, please visit our claim page.

Severance hardship payment application form

Protect members with a sufficient balance in their severance account may withdraw up to two hardship payments of up to $2,000 each, with five weeks between payments.

  • As per ATO requirements, hardship payments are taxed at the rate of 32%.
  • Failure to provide your Tax File Number will result in tax being paid at the highest rate.

Please select if this is your first or second application for a hardship payment:

Please advise the amount (before tax) you wish to withdraw as a hardship payment:

Please provide any information relating to the time period that you expect to be stood down:


I declare that I have been stood down from work without pay due to COVID-19 coronavirus and I am not receiving any other forms of payment from my employer or from other agencies in relation to long service leave, annual leave or RDOs.

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