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Protect Severance Fund Appoints New Chairman

March 07, 2016

Follow the link to "Media Release" on the right for details.

  Media Release
Shae's journey to Wheelchair Rugby

March 09, 2016

Shae had always been athletic, playing every sport available to the young Queenslander. When a car accident left her with an incomplete C6 spinal cord injury, she took it as a sign hers was to be an early retirement, aged only 18.

Fast forward 10 years, and now Shae is only one of two women to ever play the full-contact sport of wheelchair rugby in Victoria, and she has her little brother to thank.

“We made a bet when we were travelling overseas and if I lost, I had to promise to try wheelchair rugby.

“I had watched the Murderball documentary when I was in hospital and I had no interest in playing something where it looked like people were trying to kill each other, but I lost the bet,” Shae explained.

With her brother pestering her to make good on their wager, Shae researched the game, even going to the Essendon Football Club’s training grounds to watch the Australian Squad train.

“The guys in the Australian squad put me in touch with the guys from the Victorian local league, and I went down and gave the sport a go,” she said.

“When I first started I was terrified of being hit out of my chair,” Shae recalled. “But the guys took it easy on me for the first couple of months... not so much anymore.”

With a year of training and practice behind her, Shae’s skills are impressing her team mates.

“She’s strong and confident, but she’s still too nice on the court,” Shane, a 12-year veteran of the sport and Paralympian, said.

“With a bit more mongrel, she has the potential to represent Victoria.”

Fiercely competitive, Shae is focussing on improving her game and keeping her goals realistic.

“I need to get faster on court and learn how to hit harder.

“I would love to make it into the Victorian team; to be that good that I could play, travel and compete against the best in the world would be amazing. But I also need to be realistic and take small steps. First step is to get knocked out of my chair ” she said.

The game she refused to play is now a huge part of her life, providing her with a challenge and feeding her competitive nature.

“It was the best bet I ever lost, and I don’t like losing.”

  Shae at Super Saturday 2015
JobLand expansion

March 03, 2016

Protect has expanded it's free online employment service to now cover all Protect industries, Australia wide.

JobLand puts Protect employers directly in contact with job-seeking Protect members; matching the qualifications and experience specific to the job.

Protect employers have the ability to upload all of your standard job ad templates onto your employer profile, and then publish an ad as and when needed - knowing that 100% of your audience is in the industry.

Employers can also browse a list of active jobseekers in your area so that you can contact them directly for any upcoming vacancies you have.

Protect members have the ability to search and apply for jobs in your area that are suitable to your qualifications and experience, as well as post your Jobseeker Profile (including your resume and cover letter) so that potential employers can search for and reach you.

JobLand can be found on the Protect home page alongside your Protect Account Login link, and can be accessed from your desktop computer, phone, or tablet using the same login details used for your Protect Account.

JobLand contains User Guides for both employers and jobseekers under the 'Tips and Advice' section of the site, as well as a Feedback section for any queries you may have.

If any employers would like to arrange a demonstration of the service, please email us at so that we can call you to arrange a suitable time.

WA payroll tax obligations

October 08, 2015

Following a recent audit, the Western Australian State Office of Revenue found a number of employers had failed to declare contributions to redundancy benefit schemes on their payroll tax returns.

Such contributions are specified taxable benefits as per regulation 11 of the Pay-roll Tax Assessment Regulations 2003 (WA). Specified taxable benefits are taken to be wages under Section 9BA of the Pay-roll Tax Assessment Act 2002 (WA) and must be declared for payroll tax purposes if an employer is liable for payroll tax in Western Australia.

The treatment of severance contributions is not uniform across all jurisdictions and each jurisdiction has its own governing legislation with regard to payroll tax. If in doubt, check with your State Revenue Office.

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