Protect income protection insurance provides
your employees with peace of mind; helping you to retain your key staff

Employee income protection

Employee income protection - Protect: Severance and Income Protection benefits

Protect administers Australia's best personal income protection insurance cover for workers across a range of industries in the event of serious injury and/or illness.

Our extensive list of benefits ensures the best support for worker recovery, providing your employees with confidence and security so they can focus on the job.

It’s important to note that in addition to the competitive rates provided, Protect also offers you the ability to extend your cover to include directors and administrative staff not employed under a certified industrial agreement.

With a constant focus on the development of new and exciting offerings, Protect continues to lead the industry.

Protect’s administrative and on-site teams provide support for all employers, guaranteeing responses to enquiries in a timely fashion. With a large team of Field Officers on hand, Protect can arrange site visits to brief you and your team on the scheme’s benefits.

In addition, income protection insurance claims administered by ATC Insurance Solutions are assessed and processed in a swift manner to ensure your team is well looked after throughout any difficult periods.

“Protect Injury and Illness Insurance provides great cover and is a much better deal than employees having to take out their own income protection insurance. Protect provides great financial security and peace of mind for your employees and helps employers to retain key staff. You know if you have an injured employee who is off work long-term and covered by Protect, you are not going to lose that employee. When they are fit, they will return to work because Protect has seen them through."

Gavin McKay, Managing Director, Gordon McKay Pty Ltd

“Protect Injury & Illness Insurance provides great cover and financial security for our employees. It removes the need for our employees to take out their own income protection insurance, together with peace of mind of a quality cover”

Craig Thomson - Chief Human Resources Officer, DP World Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if one of my workers gets sick or injured?
If one of your employees becomes sick or injured while a Protect worker, they may be eligible to make an income protection insurance claim.

Please note you will need to have paid all outstanding insurance contributions on behalf of your employees in order for a claim to be processed.