About Protect

Protect is Australia's leading industry severance scheme with over 35,000 workers
and 1,200 participating employers

About Protect

About Protect - Protect: Severance and Income Protection benefits

For more than ten years, Protect has been setting the pace for industry severance schemes with higher benefits and access to tax-free redundancy payments.

Protect was Australia's first industry severance scheme to offer workers the choice of two account options, including access to significant tax concessions if their job is made redundant.

Each week, participating employers make severance contributions to Protect to be held in trust on behalf of their employees. The amount each employer is required to contribute is determined by an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA).

The superior benefits of the Protect severance fund and Protect injury / illness insurance means Protect is the industry scheme preferred by an ever-growing number of workers and employers throughout the nation.

Protect is now backed by the group purchasing power of over 35,000 workers and 1,200 employers in many diverse industries including electrical trades, maritime, construction, service maintenance, manufacturing, rail, power, supply and distribution and oil and petrochemical.