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Income protection for all, that's the spirit

MUA members Bonnie Crow & Jessica Collis

Bonnie (L), a cook, and Jessica (R), a steward, are made for the seafaring lifestyle. They rate the travel, enjoy customer service and love their jobs working on the Spirit of Tasmania. Recently, employment conditions for the two, and all 60 of the crew, have gotten even better, with the inclusion of Protect income protection.


“About five years ago I went to the MUA Western Australian Branch conference and Protect were presenting there. I came back to our Branch with a brochure and we started EBA chats about a year and a half later that included income protection cover. Protect benefits that stood out, that were different, to other providers, were the extra things you can get such as counselling and home help, accidental dental that extends to the family, and sport cover. There’s so many people that try and keep a bit of a sporting career going as well as being here, it’s a peace of mind that if you’re hurt outside of work you’ve got some cover. And I know. My husband was hurt a while ago playing rugby union so that meant one income for us until he recovered but now we have our Protect cover which is great.”

“It’s not an easy path dealing with injury or illness. With Protect you actually get given a case manager that helps you the whole journey, instead of you just bluffing your way along.”


“Income protection insurance takes the stress out of everything. If you don’t have to worry about money you can concentrate on getting better. Because we’ve all got bills to pay.”

“I was part of the secondary committee that worked to get income protection in. It was initially all very foreign to me. I learnt a lot from Bonnie and the older guys and from the Protect Field Officer who was wickedly funny. I think income protection is so important, especially for casuals who don’t get sick pay. It was so good to be involved in improving the working conditions for that group especially. And it’s fantastic to know that we’re covered for income protection even when we’re overseas. I’m a big traveler, so that’s awesome for me.

It’s great to have an employer that is willing to offer these sort of benefits that even include free counselling, to their workers because they really can be life changing.”

Published Sunday 12 January, 2020