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Field trip to VEMTC

Protect staff were invited to Victoria’s specialised fire and emergency training facility in Craigieburn. We were lucky enough to spend a day guided by the impressive Tony ‘Plugger’ Martin (pictured in centre of photo). Tony introduced us to the numerous scenarios and ‘props’ that simulate urban risk environments such as shopping districts, theatres, prison cells, residential housing, industrial, transport and marine settings.

The visit gave us a real appreciation of the occupational demands and skill set of our MFB & CFA firefighter members that have been so relied on by Australians this summer. We would like to thank all those who dedicate themselves to the protection of our communities, including our members who have been involved in bushfire evacuation, social support, animal rescue and re-building initiatives.

Please be reminded that our free confidential counselling service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist members and their families during difficult periods. Free call 1300 725 881

Published Wednesday 1 January, 2020