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Checking in with Kim, five years after redundancy

Checking in with Kim, five years after redundancy

“When the company went into liquidation, I was so lucky to have my Protect account, it was honestly a lifesaver. Not just financially, but mentally. It gave me the ability to take a breather and plan for where I wanted to head in the future.”

Kim was early into a Thailand holiday when she read on social media that her employer had gone into liquidation. She’d been an electrician for 14 years and considered her workmates family so it was a real blow on a few levels. The only saving grace was a healthy balance in her Protect account, established for the very purpose of securing the futures of workers like Kim.

“Being able to claim on my Protect account changed my life. I knew I didn’t have to panic. With the security of those finances I could plan where I wanted to head. I was passionate about OHS and I decided I wanted to work for the safety regulator. I was able to focus on getting those qualifications and work towards my end goal.

I’m now a WorkSafe HSR Support Officer. I help the Health and Safety Representatives out there on construction sites to really make a difference to the health and safety of those members who have elected them to be their voice.”

Published Tuesday 4 February, 2020