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Steve wins the medical lottery

Steve wins the medical lottery

“Protect is reassurance. Although your working life has come to a halt, you can still manage to pay your bills. I’ve used my income protection a few times over many years and every single time it’s been fantastic.”

Only 3% of people get the good news Steve received after his particular surgery. News that he didn’t have cancer was equivalent to winning the lottery for Steve who counts himself lucky in many areas of his life. With glowing reports for his surgical team, his fantastic wife and supportive employers, Steve didn’t hold back in his praise of his Protect income protection brought to him by the ETU.

“The ETU have just got it right in getting income protection for all their workers because it’s just a fantastic thing. Having Protect for me was the comfort of knowing I didn’t have to worry about my bills and the mortgage, so it was all less stressful. I had really good dealings with Protect the whole time and my case manager was on top of it, she was brilliant.

I had to take an extra month off than what we thought due to complications, and because my work is physically demanding, I couldn’t go back half up. I kept my case manager updated and when I was ready to return to work she was really surprised, but for me, I feel exactly the same, it’s not bad with one kidney, I’ve just got to look after it, that’s all.”

Published Wednesday 5 February, 2020