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Do we have your mobile number?

You may be missing out on receiving important updates about your account, including notification if contributions from your employer fall behind, if we don’t have your mobile number.

... and your email address!

Sometime in the near future, Protect will be looking to provide members electronic access to statements. To do this we need your current email address. So, if you haven’t provided us with your email details, or you have changed email providers and haven’t advised us of your new email address, please update your details as soon as possible.

How to update your contact details:
  1. By phone: Contact our Member Services Team on 1300 344 249

  2. Via our App: Download from here
  3. Via the worker portal: Log in here
How to update your contact details:

However you get in touch, you can be assured that we’ll look after you.

Just ask David....

“I’d just like to thank everyone over there at Protect. Every member of staff I’ve dealt with have been super efficient, polite and helpful from start to finish. I’m sure you’re all dealing with people at some difficult times in their lives. So big pats all round from top to bottom.

Thank you personally, I can’t have wished for kinder and quicker treatment... you’re the best!”


Published Sunday 28 July, 2019